Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Lustday

Sorry for the shortened version of today's monday lustday
it was fall break so I was away
and when I got back I got the stupid stomach virus
and threw up more than what you want to know

 I really need this purple dresser

I think OC stole my bike
so I will need this one as a replacement

 I get J.Crew catalogs in the mail
and I found the newest one opened and dog marked on my coffee table
and this jacket was circled
my husband is totally lusting over this jacket
and I am totally lusting over the model
(I kid, I kid...or am I?)
 I think she is absolutely beautiful.

I love this video below
The mom and dad of this family are so inspirational
They were both involved in a plane crash
and she burned more than 80% of her body
and she is still alive
her story is remarkable and I suggest you read her blog
{that sweet blond boy gives me the slightest glimmer into wanting kids, and better yet a boy}

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