Tuesday, November 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

I absolutely adore these paper cranes.
I absolutely adore making them.
The love started when I was a little girl that couldn't be quiet throughout church.
My dad would make them for me
{there was always a momma bird, daddy bird, and atleast two baby birds...duh}
He would always have the perfect size of paper already ready in his bible
and throughout the years he taught me how to make them.
so this is a little trick that I have carried with me throughout my life
especially in foreign countries, when speaking isn't always an option
In Japan the little kids were absolutely amazed that I could make them
and that mine was little different than theirs
{mine can flap it's wings}
{although it can flap it's wings, it isn't as pretty as origami}
and when I was at the village of hope in africa
the children loved it.
{although they can just catch real birds and tie them on a string}

This is something that I hope to teach my children how to do.
I love paper cranes
they make me so happy.
{especially the diamond shape that forms before the final product}

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