Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My next two weeks and three days are scheduled by the hour, and I am stocking my kitchen with dr. pepper, cheez-its, and other survival snacks

It's that wretched time of the year
projects are due, procrastination starts biting you in the butt, and emotions are running high
that's right its the last two weeks of school.
This year dead week has a different meaning
it might literally be the death of me.
Im sorry dear blog, but I am going to have to deny you 
you just didn't fit into my hourly schedule
maybe in my last few attempts at procrastination 
{like right now}
I will come back
but I have already given you empty promises
so don't get your hopes up
I'll be back....
if I survive.

if you see me sleeping
hand me a red bull and a prayer

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