Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help me.

I am in the market for some concealer
I just don't know which to get or where to look
I am thinking about 
Laura Mercier
Makeup Forever 
they each have different kinds of concealer and it is all so confusing and overwhelming 
I just want one that will do the trick for under eye and blemishes

so if you use concealer what do you use? any tips or secrets?


TaylorMade said...

I use makeup forever. I love their concealer & HD powder. Lasts all day!

Cara Linn said...

I use/love Mary Kay's concealer. Granted, I'm a little biased as a consultant, but it really is fabulous. Let me know, girl. I can get you a discount! :)

Jordan Rae said...

Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit!
I will never buy anything else! The erase paste is amazing.