Saturday, June 25, 2011

take me out to the... circus

My very sweet husband
who actually pays attention to me (even thought I never let on that I think this)
took me to the circus on thursday night for our anniversary.
i made it very obvious that is where i wanted to go
and said, "i really hope we sit on the front row
so i can see the elephants up close."
and my friends
that is exactly where we sat! 
the FRONT row!!
he also took me there an hour early because i asked
because you go to go on the floor and socialize with the circus performers
and watch the elephant paint a picture :)

my favorite elephant had to be the oldest one (who also had a very old trainer)
she coudln't quite keep up with the others 
and she ended up just laying down the whole time
my heart melted until i almost died
i almost died when i bought cotton candy for 12 dollars. 
(i thought it was 4, but i think that might be the prices of straws for your drink..)
chase even took me to Pei Wei before
and didn't say a thing about how much i ate off his plate
and mine

i also didn't take my camera because on the website it said they were strictly prohibitted.
everyone had their camera. booo
i did get some on chases iPhone
so maybe i will get around and post them here
probably not though

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