Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remember that one time on Mt. Fuji?

One time 
my friends and I climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan
not only was it off season, but it was at night so we could watch the sunrise
we got to the top almost 2 hours before the sun was supposed to rise
and it was cold
really really cold
so we all spooned fully clothed
{it was seriously debated if we wanted to get naked to spoon, because apparatently you get warmer that way?}
we were all a little out of it and exhausted.

the trek down was fun and really hot.
I also pulled a groin muscle going up the mountain so going down the mountain was miserable

and when we got to the bottom 
{after getting lost, and the girls crying cause we knew we were going to be lost in that forest forever}
we had to wait for our taxi to pick us up
so we waited in a restaurant
and we all fell asleep
{it's funny to me because in both of these situations I thought I was spooning with my dear friend jason... and neither of those things actually happened with him. I also didn't spoon with anyone when we fell asleep in the restraurant. Staying up for almost 48 hours and climbing a mountain makes you a little incoherent.
The very next day is when we were introduced to our host families.
I was sick and I could hardly walk. 
Plus, I was really nervous about living with my host family and be separated from my Pac Rim family.
This is what I looked like.
This is seriously one of my favorite memories. I wouldn't trade the swollen eyes, stuffy nose, pulled groin for anything.

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