Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Place on Earth (almost)

Ohio gozaimaaaaaassssssssssss!!!!!! Is what I heard after I ordered my first White Mocha Frappaccino in a month. Those words, make your heart so happy. I heard them every morning for five weeks. That and "good murninnnnnggggggg Kenna!" Ohio gozaimas is equivalent to the English Good Morning in Japanese. Ohio means hi. Japan is a wonderful place. They have a 7-Eleven on every corner, without the gas, and its filled with amazing foods. Especially desserts. The Japanese know how to make some desserts and have the best Ice Cream ever.
Yes, I ate an ice cream bar everyday. Yes my host mother fed me enough for two every meal, because its the "American Way" but I do not regret any part of it. What I ate was amazing. Well, everything but the eggs with baby fish in them. Japan is probably one of the cleanest places on Earth. They have recycle bins everywhere, recycle bins are their trash cans. They have three separate ones all but together, and you sort your trash as you go. Their is never trash on the ground, and you would be amazed in a big city, how clean the streets and sidewalks are.
Japanese people are so nice and polite. It's amazing. While we attended Ibaraki Christian, we had a lot of classes that discussed how different we are, and how they are just naturally quiet, we summed it up as, they are silent leaders. They bow in Japan, and yes its a little awkward, but just do it. It's just like them shaking our hand, they don't do that. My first bowing experience actually happened in China, and a girl on my trip and I were walking out together, and kind of freaked out, and when we went down to bow we actually bowed into each other. It was disastrous.

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