Friday, September 18, 2009

Bridal Fairs..

Sunday will be my first bridal fair to attend.
It is in Norman, and I am kind of excited/nervous.
I don't know why.
I wish my big sister can come with me,
we seem to be on the same page about things,
and yes my mom has done very very well but sometimes the tears start falling (I am the baby of the family.) Even though, I am so super excited to be going with my mom.
Seriously, her ideas are so good.
I think that she should do this as a job.
Or at least let people use our house for weddings.
Not to brag or anything,
but I have a beautiful house and a beautiful yard. We live on 5 acres, out in the country
used too until the sold the field in front of my house and started building lots and lots of houses, but my side of the street still totally has the country feel to it.

So if any brides out there need a place to have your wedding that wouldnt be a million dollars, and $28,000 is a ridiculous amount for an average wedding to cost,
talk to me,
and you can use my house.
of course if that is your budget, you can still use my house.

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Jules Beckloff said...

What a great blog! :) i love you and im glad i get to see your beautiful face every mondy and wednesday...although i wish it were more times than that... :(