Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Decision?

I told Chase when we first got engaged
"you plan the honeymoon, and surprise me, I don't care, and I don't want to worry about it"
that was a loaded statement.
So I have been telling him of places that I want to go.
Telling him these are the places he gets to choose from.
Places from in the United States to out of the country to cruises.
I was telling him that he was going to have to tell me what to pack,
"I will tell your sister and Tessa where we are going the day before the wedding so they can pack for you." Says Chase as a clueless boy would say.
I don't know about all of this, its making me feel a little uneasy.
My sister and Tessa have wonderful fashion but that might be too much of a surprise for me..

I am also curious cause I want to know where we are going.
Other people are too, for various reasons.

oh I also made 4 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday..
next time, I will look at how much it is going to make before I just start dumping all the ingredients in.


Morgandi said...

No! This is not a bad decision. We can definitely pack for you. I may request he give us more than a day to pack, but you, my dear, do not need to worry!

chase said...

i change my mind.
i am only going to tell chloe and she can pack for you.