Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Appointment

First thing I think of, after I book my appointment with a caterer,
Ok, I hope this time is a good time for my mom.
Than I start to think.. is it okay to want my mom to come with me?
I mean, she has great ideas, and if she just wants to plan my wedding for me and me not say a thing.. go right ahead.
Well, she isn't like that. She wants my wedding to be about who.. well me.
I know I know, I have a great mom.

So this goes back to me trying to be become a big girl.
Would I be less of a big girl if my mom came with me?
I mean she is footing the bill
Allowing this wedding to be at her house
the list goes on and on
so if I answer all of those the answer is yes, it is okay for her to come.

But lets be honest, the real reason of me wanting her to come is because
I NEED her.
I need and want her to be there.
So, I will tie my own shoes, cut my own meat, and bring my mom.
Abbey Road Catering, here I come with my mom in tow.

by the way, I am SO excited about this appointment, I hope they let me sample foods.

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