Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear piece of paper that had my Psychological Statistics exam printed on it,

I am very sorry that tears were splattering all over you...
You took me two hours to finish.. and I wasn't even done.
I spent 15 minutes on one little part of you, after i was finished with that, i realized that instead of subtracting in the formula.. i added..
i am sorry that i don't know any other charts beside the bell curve..
i am sorry that i forgot the difference between standard deviation and variance..
i am sorry that there were only 70 points on the test and number 1 was worth 20.
i am sorry that i have embarrassed you in front of your friends.. because they will have better scores than you..
please tell your friend that will be used for my next test.. to treat me better.
i don't like crying.. especially in class.

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